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Dental Sealants Protect New Molars and Molars With Deep Grooves?

The deep pits, grooves and fissures of newly erupted molar teeth can be areas that are highly susceptible to tooth decay. This is why Dr. Etemad may recommend sealants on a child’s permanent molar teeth or even adult teeth with deep grooves. Dental sealants are highly conservative and effective treatments that can prevent early tooth decay.

The application of a dental sealant is a very simple procedure in which a tooth-colored coating is painted onto the surfaces of a tooth. This effectively “seals” the deep grooves and protects the enamel from decay causing bacteria or cavities.

Dental sealants typically only take Dr. Etemad a few minutes to apply to each tooth. Dental Sealants hold up well under the force of normal chewing and can last several years before a reapplication is needed.

Dental Sealants Newport Beach​

More than 75% of dental rot occurs in the grooves on the surfaces of molars, premolars, and other deep valleys (known as pits and fissures) where food, bacteria, and other contaminants can gather. These areas are difficult to properly clean away, which can lead to decay and other issues.

A sealant is a thin resin-modified or glass ionomer plastic covering that is put to the chewing surfaces to protect the tooth by filling up deep grooves and making the surface smooth and easy to clean.

Sealants can last for years and protect teeth from decay, but they must be monitored for wear and chipping at frequent dental visits. Dr. Etemad will evaluate the best options to and curtail a plan exactly for you.

Application of dental sealants on a patient’s teeth is a quick and painless process.

At Newport smile studio, we will firstly clean and dry the patient’s teeth, then we check for the teeth health to make sure that there is no cavity, then we will place an acidic gel all over the patient’s teeth. This gel strengthens the teeth surface by bonding to the patient’s teeth. Finally within a few seconds, we will rinse off the gel and once again will dry out the patient’s teeth and apply the sealant onto the grooves of the teeth. An LED blue light is used to harden the sealant on the teeth.

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Dental Sealant - Before and After

Dental Sealant Newport Beach CA

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Dental Sealant - Before and After

Dental Sealant Newport Beach Newport Beach Smile StudioDental Sealant Newport Beach Newport Beach Smile Studio Newport Beach

What Do Sealants Involve?

Your dentist or dental hygienist can simply apply sealants to your teeth, and the procedure takes only a few minutes per tooth. It can even be done during other routine checkups or procedures.

When to Get Sealants?

Sealants are great for children and adults to protect against tooth decay, but there are certain situations where they are most often recommended. 

  • For children and teenagers, as soon as their six-year molars (permanent back teeth) appear, or anytime during the years of 6 to 16, they are more prone to cavity development. 
  • Adults can get them anytime on tooth surfaces without decay that has deep grooves or depressions 
  • Babies can get sealants as well, but it is only done occasionally for teeth with deep grooves and depressions for a baby that is prone to cavities
The teeth will be cleaned thoroughly and then wrapped in cotton so that the area remains dry. Then, the dentist will apply a solution to the enamel surface before cleaning and drying the teeth. This process ensures that the sealant can properly bond to the teeth.
The sealant material will be carefully painted onto the surface of the teeth in order to hide the grooves, valleys, and depressions. Depending on the sealant, it will dry automatically or with a specialized curing light.

Are Dental Sealants Right for You?

Your new sealants will last longer if you take proper care of them at home, eat a healthy diet, and see us on a regular basis. We’re looking forward to seeing you. Make an appointment right now!

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