Dentures in Newport Beach, CA

Are you struggling with your bite or smile and considering dentures? At Newport Smile Studio, we understand that having a full, radiant smile is integral to your confidence and daily life. Dr. Abrak Etemad and our friendly team are here to help, offering personalized solutions like dentures to bring back your captivating smile!

Types of Dentures: Find Your Perfect Match

Dentures aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal, and that’s why we offer a variety of options to suit your unique needs:

  • Complete Dentures: Ideal for those who have lost all their teeth, complete dentures can revitalize your smile and facial structure.
  • Partial Dentures: If you still have some natural teeth, partial dentures can fill in the gaps seamlessly.
  • Upper/Lower Dentures: Whether you need assistance with the upper teeth, the lower ones, or both, we’ve got you covered!

The Benefits of Dentures

If you have gaps where you’re missing some teeth, you may be wondering why you should get dentures instead of leaving your mouth as is. Dentures offer a plethora of benefits, markedly enhancing your quality of life. They reinstate the ability to enjoy a variety of foods, promoting nutritional well-being and overall health. By wearing your dentures, you can get your smile back and receive a boost of confidence, allowing yourself the freedom to smile and engage more comfortably in social situations. Additionally, dentures provide much-needed support to the facial structure, preventing your facial muscles from sagging and aiding in clearer speech.

Basic Denture Care

Keeping dentures clean is essential. Start with rinsing them after meals to remove food particles. Daily brushing, not with regular toothpaste, but with a soft denture brush, eliminates any remaining debris and stains. Soak them overnight in a denture-cleaning solution to keep them fresh and maintain their shape. And don’t forget, even with dentures, you should maintain good oral hygiene by cleaning your gums, tongue, and the roof of your mouth every day before you put your dentures in.

Considering Alternatives to Dentures?

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive care, and that means exploring all viable options. While dentures are a great solution for many, dental implants might be a more suitable alternative for some, offering a fixed solution to tooth loss. During your consultation, Dr. Etemad will discuss your preferences, needs, and the best care path for your smile restoration journey.

Pricing and Insurance Options

Navigating the financial aspect of dental care can be overwhelming, but not to worry! We strive to make our services accessible and affordable:

  • Transparent Pricing: We provide clear price information and discuss all costs upfront — no surprises or hidden fees here!
  • Insurance Navigation: We’ll assist you in leveraging your insurance benefits to your maximum advantage.
  • Discounts and Special Offers: Keep an eye out for our occasional discounts and special offers on denture services and repairs!

Everyone deserves a healthy smile they can be proud of. Contact us with any questions you may have in regards to pricing and insurance, and we’ll guide you through every step.

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Getting back your smile starts with a simple step! Reach out to us at Newport Smile Studio, and let’s discuss your needs, explore your options, and chart out your path to a radiant, confident smile. With Dr. Etemad and our wonderful team by your side, your journey to a dazzling smile will be enjoyable and rewarding.

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